Enlarging Your Own Territory

Wow!  This year It’s such a huge shift for me and a lot of people I know.  It’s seems we are all moving swiftly towards a different life.  It’s taking all we have, but we know that if you want to live a different future, you have to move differently in your present. 
I know for me the task becomes staying on course and not allowing the distractions to derail my efforts.  I have learned to work on almost every area of my existence from mind and body to spirituality and finance.  Quite frankly It’s the hardest process I’ve ever been through.  It is also the most rewarding.  I was thinking about how much I’ve expanded and grown over the past year and how many things are changing (and how rapidly!).  I actually stopped to gather inventory on what was really working, what wasn’t working, and how I dealt with it all.   I figured out HOW it’s happening and I wanted to share with you what I’ve figured out!  First… there is LOTS of self examination and self care; Second… I’ve begun to assess the people I associate with, and third…  I’ve learned to trust the process.
LOTS of Self Examination and Self Care –  The first part of enlarging your territory starts with YOU.  Your task is to clean out your closets.  In other words, find and address all of the stuff inside of you that could hold you back.  Be that your mindset, your self esteem, your eating habits, your money attitude, your belief systems, past hurts, your faith structure, your openness to love, or any of the other internal factors that can cause any level of pause in the pursuit of your happiness.  Now what do I mean by address them?  I mean dig into the root causes and find the best way to resolve, settle, eliminate or change them so that they become beneficial to your overall success.  Finalizing outstanding issues always creates space for growth, development, and expansion in your life.
Of course self examination should always lead to better self care.  Self Care is about building that proper support system so that you can be successful in your endeavors.  Support Systems are monetary, emotional, spiritual,  and relational.  Good support systems also help when you have to pave through unknown territory.  A large part of a good support system is based on your Peeps!
Assessing The People You Associate With. 
This was a HUGE lesson for me!  I’m such a loving person and I always want to give what I can to anybody that needs it.   I’m an over extender – either by nature, or nurture – I always try to give of myself to those around me.  Because I’ve started assessing my Peeps, I’ve learned that those who I surrounded myself with generally fall into one of three categories of people… Energy Suckers,  Even Exchangers, and Those whom I learn from.  I eliminate the energy suckers maximum access pass to my life asap, as I’ve learned that Its most important for me to monitor my resources and balance their distribution.   I’m a giver by nature and this one was tough to learn because I always want to give.  Honestly, learning to serve from my saucer is the absolute best lesson I’ve every learned and practiced.  It allows me to be balanced in my giving so I am more effective; and I have reserves for myself.  Great lesson, huh?  
Even Exchangers are the people with whom I am able to give and receive from evenly, openly and with the same intensity.  They are my core group of family and friends. Without them, I couldn’t be myself. I’ve got MAADDDD LOVE for these people.  We are each other’s cheerleaders, confidants, and supporters.  Sometimes we bounce ideas off of one another, sometimes we share our fears and cry together, but these are the ones whom I consider my inner circle. 
Then there are those FANTASTIC PEOPLE that I learn from keep me in motion toward my dreams.  They allow me space to be afraid, but still hold me to making it all happen!  I study them.   Their accomplishments help me see that what I want is possible.  What they do makes me see what I can do.  I cheer them on too!  It’s just beautiful to see them go get the thing that they’re after!   I’m absolutely blessed to be able to have them in my life to get wisdom from their experiences.  People You surround yourself with can either make or break your future. So Peeps, for your own sake, Check Your Peeps!
Learn To Trust The Process
MAAAAAAAANNNNNN let me tell you that this one freed me up when I really got it.   What does trust the process mean?  It means that I now fully understand that this is a two part world… physical and spiritual.  The physical part of your journey is you doing all that you’re supposed to do… do your work, create your path, maintain your focus and momentum, keep up your spiritual connection.  The spirtual part is where all the stuff you as a human CANNOT control happens.  It’s where the germination of all your planted efforts become tangible fruit.  What I’ve come to understand is that because I can only do the physical part, I let the other part go.  I don’t worry about it at all.  I do my part and trust the process for the rest.  This revelation added years to my productivity and my outlook when I realized that all I have to do is do all I can!!!  That’s all!  I get to do the easy part!!!  That’s beautifully freeing right there! 
All of these things have helped me to enlarge my own territory.  See, its about the choices I make with my peeps, my environment, and my understanding of the totality of the process that has changed the size my territory thus far and will continue to expand it in my future.  I promise you if you work on yourself, your associations, and your understanding your territory will expand as well.  It’s worked that way for every successful person who’s ever lived!  It will work for you too. 

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