The Words You Speak

This morning I was mulling over the idea of negativity and the thoughts that we think that turn into the words that we speak. Then I had an idea! In my Living A Powerful Life class I teach people how to reverse negative thinking, so I figured that it might be a good idea if I shared the basics of the technique I teach on how to reverse negative thinking with you.
1. Be Aware Of Your Words – Most of the time people speak and then they think. That’s not a bad thing. That’s just the truth. We say things like “Oh I’m so stupid!”. Worse yet, we speak to ourselves sarcastically by saying things like “Well, that was smart of me!”. In actuality we really wish that we had done whatever we’re speaking about differently. My question is… why not just say that? I’ll tell you why not. It’s because most of the time when we’re speaking we don’t think first. Since we don’t think first, we don’t think purposefully. Not thinking purposefully leads to saying things negatively to others and about ourselves without even considering what’s coming out of our mouths. Haven’t you ever heard a child being belittled by their parent who’s just simply frustrated at the fact that the child is not getting the lesson that the parent is trying to convey? How much more effective do you think the parent could be if they stopped and thought about the best way to convey the lesson? So being aware of your words is speaking on purpose. It’s actually taking time to grab a hold of your mouth before you let the negativity out. That’s right. I said STOP the negativity in it’s tracks before it comes out of your mouth.
2. Reverse and RePlace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts – So, now that we’ve stopped the words from coming out of our mouths, how do we stop them from coming from our minds? This one is easier said than done. I get that. However, this is the most crucial part of changing your negative thoughts into positive ones. Why is it most crucial? Simply put, It’s most crucial because the life we live is 100% a product of the thoughts we think. That’s right. Every one of your past thoughts were the framework for the life that you live at this very moment. So here’s what you do. Simply replace the negative words with positive words in your head, and say that instead. Even if you’re in mid sentence. Even if you are in mid conversation. STOP, think then speak. If the thought gets past your lips (because negative thoughts sometimes will), counter act the words by pausing, thinking about what you really want to say, then rephrase the sentence, and speaking it again – but positively. Be conscious of your thoughts and think on purpose. Because your words actually bring forth things that create the world that you and the people around you live in.
One last thought on the words that you speak and the thoughts you think (especially when you’re angry). Most times angry words spring from those places where we are confused, feel unsafe, out of control, or places of past hurts. My advice… Before you speak, walk away. I say walk away because most angry words are hurtful toward the other person – and ultimately damage you too. That’s not to say that you cant speak your mind, but try hard not to speak it when you haven’t clearly thought of the seeds you plant and what they will produce.
Truly take time to think about the impact your words have because everything that you say absolutely matters. It starts inside your head first. Think on purpose and speak positive words. Words and thoughts are truly connected. Remember it has been said that the words you speak have spiritual impact and can cause life or death to the hearer and to yourself.

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