Don't Fear Your Greatness

Last night was the first night of my Living A Powerful Life Course. I’ve been preparing for that course for a few weeks now, making sure I had everything ready for the people that were coming to learn and grow. It was truly a wonderful experience (these classes always are). We learn so much from each other. My students from me – and I from them.
As I watched the light bulbs come on as the student’s were writing out their life maps, I also watched their first defense mechanism spring into action… They all became a little afraid. It’s funny how fear and excitement can share the same space in an person’s mind. On the one hand, they are excited about all that the path of their Life Map can bring to their lives. On the other, they fear the Life Map because it seems so big and so utterly overwhelming that the fear begins to talk them out of their destiny by saying ‘You can’t do that’.
So, I thought I’d break it down for you so that you’d know JUST how this whole living out your dreams thing works. Hopefully it will help you walk into your destiny while managing the urge fear.
First, realize that life is a journey. It’s not all gonna happen at this very second. Everything has stages from beginning, to completion and no stage will be complete before its time. What does all that mean? Simple… Slow your roll partner. You can’t live a whole Life Map vision in a few days. Nobody expects you to know everything or be completely ready for every task that you’re given to complete right now. The beauty of every journey are the lessons, achievements, and things we share with others along the way.
Second, plan it out in bite sized pieces. If a task is too big, it’s probably because you’re looking at the end of the task completed, rather than the steps you need to take today that will lead you to the desired end. Every plan, no matter how elaborate happens step by step. Your life is no different. Make to do lists that get you through the day, the week and the month – BACKWARDS. So, start with all you need to get done that month. Plan out the weeks, the plan the days from there. Bite sized pieces are so much easier for your mind to process. The lists help so you don’t forget. Warning- NO FLOATERS!!!! Keep all your lists in the same book so that your lists and tasks aren’t floating all over the place and so that they don’t get lost. (If they get lost, you feel lost.)
Third, do the easy stuff first and save the time for the more in depth tasks. If it’s easy and quick do those things first. Phone calls, messages, emails, texts get those done first and make them the “quick fire” actions. Not stay on the phone, get distracted by long email chains, go into multiple back and forth texting conversations. All of those things are necessary, but in their proper place. Don’t let the smaller quick fire tasks take longer than they should. I complete all quick fire tasks in less than 15 mins. Frees up my day for the rest of the things that need more time to complete.
Fourth, get assistance and support where you need it! Don’t be a Lone Ranger. You are not an island and no great work has ever been completed by only one person. Even Michelangelo needed a subject to cooperate and sit for hours to create his masterpieces. You need mentors, associates, friends, and collaborators to get it all done. Know your needs, and don’t get stuck in a holding pattern because you don’t have the proper support.
Lastly, know your role. It’s your job to do the hard stuff, but it’s God’s job to do the impossible. What does that mean? We do all the work that we have to to make the dream manifest. We learn, we take on new tasks, network and things like that. We prepare ourselves as best we can by doing all we can within our own strength. God does the inner work changing is from the inside out. He connects the new links in out hearts and minds to give us greater understanding for the tasks ahead. He changes out paradigms, opens our eyes to see greater things, and gives us strength for the journey. He adds to us, provides favor and divine connection for the tasks He’s given us to do. You do your part and let Him do His part and together you will reach the end of your life’s amazing journey.
Don’t fear your greatness. Fear an unfulfilled life lived in mediocrity.

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