Do I REALLY Understand The Concept Of Abundance

I started on a journey a few days ago trying to be sure I understand all the Universal Laws and Principles that govern this world. Of course, because I grew up in the church I do have some laws down like the Law of Reciprocity. I get that I will reap (or receive back) that which I sow ( or put out). It’s the same thing as karma, or the old saying what goes around comes around.
However, I’ve been studying for my enrichment the Principles of Abundance and I’m finding out things that are truly helping to shape my future and solidify my present understanding. I will share with you all of the 10 principles after I’ve done the entire series, but I couldn’t wait to talk about today’s principle – principle #4 – because it is TRULY Juicy!!!
Abundance Principle #4 reads:
Through my consciousness of my God-Self, The Christ within, as my source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, this my consciousness of the Presence Of God within is my supply.
My breakdown of this principle is so juicy that it took a while to flush it out on the YouTube video, but I got it!
My interpretation is as follows:
Through my internal knowledge or awareness of the part of me that is spirit, eternal which never dies and is always connected to and in unity with infinite intelligence; the Devine presence within that enlightens me and guides my soul – the source of my ethical and moral actions and motives; as the place where things originate from, I bring into and towards my intellect and understanding and the part of me which feels both negative and positive emotions the actual matter that makes up the force or principle that animates the body. This matter is my provision for what is lacking or necessary. Thus, my internal knowledge of the Supreme Being’s Spirit which is always present inside of me is my provision for all of my necessity.
I told you it was juicy!!! Say that 3 times fast! HA!!! I know it was Meaty! I know! Just give yourself a moment to get it. Re-write this principle in your own words if you need to. Watch the YouTube because I really give great explanation there! As I learn and grow, I will share more but I couldn’t wait to share this!
Be brilliant and live in abundance!

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