The Abundance Summit Is Coming!!!

OMGoodness!!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!! The Abundance Summit is almost here!!!  Are you ready to shift your abundance and have a higher level of the abundant flow in every area of your life?  Did you reserve your seat?  Don’t wait!!!  It’s gonna be AH-MAY-ZING!!!  I can’t wait to see you there!!!

The Abundance Summit

March 13-14, 2015

San Diego, CA

For two days, we will be receiving the breakdown of the Universal Laws of Abundance and how to apply them to our lives! The Abundance Summit will give you the keys to abundance everyday!
The Abundance Summit is for those who seek GREATER, BETTER AND UNDERSTANDING!
Attendees will gain greater clarity and understanding of the Abundance Principles and how to actively receive abundance in their lives RIGHT NOW!!
When leaving the Abundance Summit, attendees will have time tested strategies and systems that give them usable tools that allow them to see changes in their lives.
Attendees will have access to an exclusive online community with like-minded individuals. A community structured to support your understanding and growth on your journey.


7 Days Of Abundance Virtual Event

I am SO EXCITED to announce to you all the FREE Virtual Event 7 Days of Abundance!  It’s happening January 13 – 20, 2015!  I have gathered some of the most dynamic speakers and thought leaders I know to share their wisdom and experiences on how to live life abundantly.  These nationally and world-renowned speakers are:

  • Dee Marshall – Founder, Girlfriend’s Pray Ministries
  • Denise J. Hart – Reinvention Specialists
  • CeCe Clark – Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur and Director of Global Sales for Motivating The Masses
  • Rev. Jenenne Macklin – Money Mindset Coach
  • Zenovia White Andrews – Business Mogul, Millionaire, Author, Coach, Speaker, Systems Strategist
  • Kate McKay – The Master Motivator, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Professional Athlete, Body Builder
  • Melissa Evans – Master Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Author
  • TaJuan “TeeJ” Mercer – Author, Speaker, Coach, Hollywood Editor, Chief Dreamlighter
  • Susie Carder – Millionaire, Business Strategist, Coach, Speaker, Author, President/COO of Motivating the Masses
  • Lisa Nichols – World-Renowned Transformational Speaker, Author, Millionaire, Founder – Motivating The Teen Spirit, CEO of Motivating the Masses

It was my intent that I promise that this will be an awesome 7 days!  You REALLY should be there!  It’s going to be POWERFUL!!  Bring yourself, pen, paper and be ready to have a wonderful experience!

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The Law of Sewing and Reaping

I had the opportunity to speak with a friend yesterday about his life.  As we conversed, he began talking about all the places and things he should have done by now.  “I should have more money, less stress, a better car, and a nicer home.  I feel like I’m behind in my life.” He was very sincere and regretful – pouting about all the things and places he felt he should be in life by now that he was not.
As I listened to him, it occurred to me that he really hadn’t planned for the differences he felt he should have.  He hasn’t set up himself to receive anything else either.  By that I mean – He keeps making decisions that don’t lend to the outcomes he’s seeking.  See, instead of looking at his future, creating a plan, and beginning to plant seeds towards what he’s trying to have in his future, he just keeps living without a plan that gets him beyond his daily grind.  My very loving response was that I could help him get where he wants to be and that we could start ad soon as possible.  I didn’t give him a lecture, I focused on a way beyond the regret through decisive action.
Remember, your future will happen with or without your full and active participation in what it brings to you. I think it’s best to consider the seeds you’re planting in your life so that they will bring you the desired life harvest.   We plant seeds every day for what our future holds for us.  If the seeds you plant today are planned poorly and are not truly connected to the desired end, your future will bring you an unplanned harvest that is not what you desired.  I’ve said it before, you can’t plant an apple and harvest pears from it.  So it is that you can’t receive a life different than the one your that the sum of your past actions have created.   That’s the Law of Sewing and Reaping.   There are very few exceptions to any Universal Principle.
Your Life is the sum total of all that you say and do.  Every action is a seed EVERY SINGLE ACTION!!!!  If you want a different outcome in your life become an active participant in your future.  Start looking at your seeds and plant something you’ll be proud to call your life.  The future doesn’t ask your permission to occur.  It takes the seeds you sew into it and produces whatever harvest that results –  without prejudice.  My advice to you, get busy!  Examine the seeds you plant.  Be an active participant in your future and love the life harvest you receive.
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

Enlarging Your Own Territory

Wow!  This year It’s such a huge shift for me and a lot of people I know.  It’s seems we are all moving swiftly towards a different life.  It’s taking all we have, but we know that if you want to live a different future, you have to move differently in your present. 
I know for me the task becomes staying on course and not allowing the distractions to derail my efforts.  I have learned to work on almost every area of my existence from mind and body to spirituality and finance.  Quite frankly It’s the hardest process I’ve ever been through.  It is also the most rewarding.  I was thinking about how much I’ve expanded and grown over the past year and how many things are changing (and how rapidly!).  I actually stopped to gather inventory on what was really working, what wasn’t working, and how I dealt with it all.   I figured out HOW it’s happening and I wanted to share with you what I’ve figured out!  First… there is LOTS of self examination and self care; Second… I’ve begun to assess the people I associate with, and third…  I’ve learned to trust the process.
LOTS of Self Examination and Self Care –  The first part of enlarging your territory starts with YOU.  Your task is to clean out your closets.  In other words, find and address all of the stuff inside of you that could hold you back.  Be that your mindset, your self esteem, your eating habits, your money attitude, your belief systems, past hurts, your faith structure, your openness to love, or any of the other internal factors that can cause any level of pause in the pursuit of your happiness.  Now what do I mean by address them?  I mean dig into the root causes and find the best way to resolve, settle, eliminate or change them so that they become beneficial to your overall success.  Finalizing outstanding issues always creates space for growth, development, and expansion in your life.
Of course self examination should always lead to better self care.  Self Care is about building that proper support system so that you can be successful in your endeavors.  Support Systems are monetary, emotional, spiritual,  and relational.  Good support systems also help when you have to pave through unknown territory.  A large part of a good support system is based on your Peeps!
Assessing The People You Associate With. 
This was a HUGE lesson for me!  I’m such a loving person and I always want to give what I can to anybody that needs it.   I’m an over extender – either by nature, or nurture – I always try to give of myself to those around me.  Because I’ve started assessing my Peeps, I’ve learned that those who I surrounded myself with generally fall into one of three categories of people… Energy Suckers,  Even Exchangers, and Those whom I learn from.  I eliminate the energy suckers maximum access pass to my life asap, as I’ve learned that Its most important for me to monitor my resources and balance their distribution.   I’m a giver by nature and this one was tough to learn because I always want to give.  Honestly, learning to serve from my saucer is the absolute best lesson I’ve every learned and practiced.  It allows me to be balanced in my giving so I am more effective; and I have reserves for myself.  Great lesson, huh?  
Even Exchangers are the people with whom I am able to give and receive from evenly, openly and with the same intensity.  They are my core group of family and friends. Without them, I couldn’t be myself. I’ve got MAADDDD LOVE for these people.  We are each other’s cheerleaders, confidants, and supporters.  Sometimes we bounce ideas off of one another, sometimes we share our fears and cry together, but these are the ones whom I consider my inner circle. 
Then there are those FANTASTIC PEOPLE that I learn from keep me in motion toward my dreams.  They allow me space to be afraid, but still hold me to making it all happen!  I study them.   Their accomplishments help me see that what I want is possible.  What they do makes me see what I can do.  I cheer them on too!  It’s just beautiful to see them go get the thing that they’re after!   I’m absolutely blessed to be able to have them in my life to get wisdom from their experiences.  People You surround yourself with can either make or break your future. So Peeps, for your own sake, Check Your Peeps!
Learn To Trust The Process
MAAAAAAAANNNNNN let me tell you that this one freed me up when I really got it.   What does trust the process mean?  It means that I now fully understand that this is a two part world… physical and spiritual.  The physical part of your journey is you doing all that you’re supposed to do… do your work, create your path, maintain your focus and momentum, keep up your spiritual connection.  The spirtual part is where all the stuff you as a human CANNOT control happens.  It’s where the germination of all your planted efforts become tangible fruit.  What I’ve come to understand is that because I can only do the physical part, I let the other part go.  I don’t worry about it at all.  I do my part and trust the process for the rest.  This revelation added years to my productivity and my outlook when I realized that all I have to do is do all I can!!!  That’s all!  I get to do the easy part!!!  That’s beautifully freeing right there! 
All of these things have helped me to enlarge my own territory.  See, its about the choices I make with my peeps, my environment, and my understanding of the totality of the process that has changed the size my territory thus far and will continue to expand it in my future.  I promise you if you work on yourself, your associations, and your understanding your territory will expand as well.  It’s worked that way for every successful person who’s ever lived!  It will work for you too. 

Lessons From The Grass

Hey Peeps!!! Happy Friday!!! It’s a SUPERFANTABULOUS day in the Universe!!! There are lessons all around us! This one came when I was sitting outside talking with my customer…
Getting what you want out of life takes you putting in time and consistent effort. Since nothing happens overnight you have to learn that there is a process to growth and development. Think about it like planting seeds. The even though the seed has potential, the seed will only produce when you plant, cultivate, and defend it to become. Once ground the seat will only flourish according to maintenance, and it will die without it.
So get prepared for the life you want by making sure that you planted a seed cultivate your C and defend your CD so that it can grow into what you would like it to become. And once it’s grown make sure that you maintain it properly so that it will flourish and not die.

Learning About Love

Did you know I used to BOYCOTT Valentines Day? YEP! I really did! It wasn’t because I hated love, actually it was for the OPPOSITE reason. I yearned for love, but didn’t have it – at least not in the form I associated Valentines Day with. I’d been so hurt by circumstances (some I chose, some I inherited), that I completely checked out of love for a while. I just didn’t participate.
Thats such a vast contrast to how I perceive love today because… (Wait for it) … I got healed and grew up a bit inside. So, I decided to share with you a little of what I learned on my journey of understanding. I wanted you to know why I am SO UBER excited about LOVE today, and give you a few tips that might help you if you need a new perception of LOVE. In Honor of the day when we all celebrate love (Valentines Day), I send you Smoochie ooey-gooey love from my heart to yours! 🙂
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Lose Your Ego Find Your Purpose

I was riding in the car the other day when I heard an ad on the radio that made me pause. The ad was trying to get people to apply for a position at a charitable organization. It wasn’t really a riveting ad. Then, like an unexpected punch in the gut, I heard the phrase, “Lose your ego and find your purpose.”. It not only made me pause, but it started my wheels to turning. I began to wonder just how many ways do opportunities come to shape us for the future that we missed because of our inability to lose our ego.

Living The Best Version Of Yourself Today!

So, I was thinking the other day about how many of us just want to be so much, have so much, and become so much. That goal always seems so far off from where we are today. Sometimes I tell myself that I can see the finish line, but often I forget that in order to get there I must continuously improve from where I am today. Living the best version of yourself doesn’t start at the finish line. Instead, it begins right here, right now.

Remember diamonds take years and tons of pressure to become the brilliant, rare, beautifully faceted gems that they are when we harvest them. Like wise precious metals take a refiner’s fire to become pure and untainted. Even the pearl has to go through years of process to become the precious commodity it is. Just as they become precious commodities in their time so do we. The process is just as important as the goal. Never forget that. But live your best version of yourself daily and you will eventually get there.
Peace, blessings and grace to you on your journey.

Speaking To The Little Girl Gave Me Strength In My Womanhood

So, yesterday I grew a little bit. I actually changed and I knew that the change happened. My guy moved out; not because we were fighting or we didn’t love each other.  Not because we are breaking up or ending anything, but because it was just time.  Him moving out opened up old wounds that I didn’t know I had. Wounds from before I went to kindergarten. Yes… Pre-K!
We had discussed it.  I was partially prepared, but it still seemed unexpected.  I came home and some of his things were gone.  That’s what triggered it and I recognized it.  I’m not sure why, but this time, it all came rushing back and I was overwhelmingly lonely and alone. First, the tears, then the shaking, then the fear and, last but not least … the feeling of ‘He left me all alone’. It was at that moment I recognized that space for what it really was. I realized that I was, in that moment, a little 4-year-old girl who didn’t understand why her daddy left her all alone.    See, when I was 4 we came home from church and all of our furniture was gone, and so was my Daddy.  That was the first time that I felt the feelings that have become so familiar.   So I began seeking what I longed for (Love, acceptance, re-assurance, security, protection) not only with men I had relationships with, but men I befriended. They say that girls have ‘daddy issues’ if their fathers aren’t in their lives. Last night it became clear that I am no exception.

As I talked to that little girl and replayed the scenes from my life, I realized that I have been seeking for as long as I can remember. It’s why I hold on tight and why I cry so hard and long for my man so much after the relationship is over. But last night I had a talk with my four-year-old self. I spent time loving her and letting her know that she’s okay even though that daddy didn’t come back. I let her know that the men that I date are not daddy and they can’t give me what I missed by daddy leaving.
Spent 30 minutes in that mirror speaking to that little girl getting her to understand that we are safe, and that even though daddy did not do his job, we are okay. It was the most powerful breakthrough I’ve ever had in my life. I went from tears and shaking to totally being okay and not even feeling like I needed to cry anymore. I literally transitioned from being afraid and insecure and feeling alone to being settled and secure. Just talking to myself in a space of duality – as the 44-year-old woman, loving her 4-year-old self, I created a healing bridge and stopped my tears. I slept all night without waking once because he’s not here.  This morning, I woke up refreshed and clear inside. It’s like somebody turned on the light and I can see more clearly than I could before. It is amazing.
I am stronger now because I gave myself permission to be that 4-year-old again, and walked myself into my womanhood with strength and power by making that little girl feel secure. I’m so amazed and grateful.

Stop Crying Over The Spilled Milk Of Your Life – No Regrets

Yesterday I hit a bump in the life map that made me begin to reflect on my past decisions and I (with my positive, Polly Anna, Glass Half Full self) began to feel myself crying over spilled milk.

I have always loved Real Estate. Investing, Selling, Buying, Flipping, EVERYTHING about it makes me so Über intrigued! So… this semester I made the commitment that I’m going to get my license in California; not just ANY license, my BROKER’s license. I’m humming along in class, reading the books, studying and … BANG I find out that the requirements have changed and I can’t get a CA Broker’s License in less than 1 year anymore. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  They changed the requirements, so it’s gonna take me TWICE as long!  I say again… BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Now, mind you, I’ve paid for this course already and just didn’t complete it. I have the books, the CD’s, and all the supplemental materials. Last year I could have done it according to my original plan.  I should also say that I’ve had this plan for almost five years now. Yes, since BEFORE I moved from Detroit. So what stopped me? Mainly procrastination and fear – but also life shifts.
Monetarily I estimate that I’ll forego about $200-400K because I didn’t get my license last year and probably twice that if I count all the way back to my plans starting with the move from Detroit. It was this moment when… I began to cry over the spilled milk. All the procrastination and fear have kept me from, my books, my classes, my speaking, my coaching, travel, career choices and the list goes on and on. Then I realized that our life journey isn’t just about the moments lost and the things we accomplish. Life is a series of lessons.
We learn and grow in “ages and stages” as my Granny used to say. What doesn’t fit for us today may fit for us tomorrow. Likewise, what we are doing now, we might not have been fully equipped for yesterday. We learn and grow in as we go along, and it’s our job to learn the lessons and keep moving to the goal. Crying over spilled milk breeds regret, and keeps your focus stuck on the past. So what do we do?

  1. Dry Your Tears –  The milk is already spilled. Look at it. It’s all over the floor.
  2. Forgive Yourself – You are human and we all make mistakes. It’s not the end of the world. Life does go on. Give yourself a break.
  3. Decide how you should handle it – What’s the best next step from here?  Most often we want to go back in time and change the outcome.  That’s month realistic.  I mean, can you put it back in the container? Not without concerted efforts…and are your efforts best spent focused on the task of recapturing the milk and working so hard to get it back where it was?  Even with all your efforts you’ll never recapture all the milk because its just not possible.  Think about it, evaporation, floor cracks, the towel or sponge you use I will all retain a part of the milk.  You can’t get it all.
  4. Learn – YES!  Learn what you did to spill the milk in the first place and try not to repeat it in your future.
  5. Clean it up – Do what you have to to clean up the situation and move on from there.  Just because you can’t recapture the milk doesn’t mean you don’t clean up the spill.
  6. Recognize – Recognize that sometimes when we THINK we’re ready for something were NOT. Sometimes we have to live through a few things in order to truly be ready for what we want.
  7. Let It Go – It’s  just that simple… Just let it go.

So, I learned to stop crying over the spilled milk in my past. The if I coulda, shoulda, woulda moments that cause me to pause from my pace on the journey. I’ve learned to be grateful for every step of the process of becoming the best version of myself. So, no more tears. When you find yourself crying over the spilled milk in your life, remember we live our lives through “Ages and Stages”. That’s what my Granny called it.



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