Book Dawn For Your Event!

Book Dawn to Speak at your next event!

The Perfect Audience:

    • Real Estate Investment Meetings
    • Realtor Estate Retreats
    • Investment Meetings
    • Interior Design/Architecture Industry Organizations
    • Sustainability/Green Organizations
    • Sustainable Living / Healthy Eating Organization
    • Church Groups
    • Women’s Groups
    • Civic Organizations
    • Survivors of Sexual, Verbal, Physical Abuse
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Most Other Women’s Groups

Want Dawn to Teach One Of Her Specialty Courses?

“I get so excited about helping people learn how Living A Powerful Life is possible for them!” – Dawn Oree

  • Living A Powerful Life (6 Class Intensive)
    • Life Mapping – Connecting To God To Understand Your Purpose (2-day)
    • Goal Setting & To Do’s – Laying Out Your Next 1-5 years (2-Day)
    • Visioning (2-Day)
    • Confessions & Meditations (1-Day)
  • Life In 4G (2-day Intensive)
  • Heart, Head and Mouth Agreement – Connecting and Aligning (1-Day Intensive)
  • Mindset Shift- (1- Day) Learn the power of shaping your own thought pathways

Type of speaking engagements:  paid Keynote, Moderator, Multi-Speaker Event, Breakout Session, Panel Workshop,

If you’re interested in having me speak at your next event, please reach out to us  on the Contact Form!  Information I need when contacted:

  • Type of event
  • Theme & Title of Event
  • Date & Location of Event
  • Audience demographics and Size
  • List of other Speakers
  • Event Host’s Overall Desire for Attendees
  • Audience Take Away Goal

The more information you can share about your event the better!

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