Entering The Next Level

I had a conversation the other day that is still resonating with me. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a very close family member about things he’s facing in his life. I had the opportunity to ask him a question I’ve been asking myself (and God) for a few years. It’s a very life-altering question. In this season of change and harvest, it’s also a good time to look ahead and see what’s next, to begin to lay the groundwork for change. Every year during this time, I’m looking to see what’s left to do on my life-long self expansion list. My family member was seeking the same knowledge… The what’s next; but from a different place than I am.
I preface this part by saying that I’m a Christian, so I live by applying the bible to my life. For all of you who are about to click the back button, I ask that you just ride this lesson out with me. The question I asked him comes from the story of the Apostle Paul and Silas being released from their chains while in prison because an earthquake happened while they were praying. The jail keeper asked them, “What Must I do To Be Saved?”. Salvation, for Christians, is the basic tenant of our faith. But do we really understand the full gravity of that question? Paul answered with the basic answer – “Believe on Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” WOW! This is SO JUICY!!!
The idea of “What must I do to be saved?” reaches SO FAR beyond the understanding of most people and, sadly, we miss the meat and the juice! It’s a one participant question with a two participant answer. (Stay with me y’all). The one participant question applies to every area of our existence. It applies to your finances, your health, your business, your family’s relationships -EVERYTHING… and so does the two participant answer. The way the answer is broken down there’s a part one- the stuff that the asker must do, and a part two.- the stuff that’s beyond their control (the God stuff). If you’re drowning financially, what must you do to be saved? Believe (have faith for things to work out, change your behaviors and renew your mindset towards money, learn and apply the rules personal finance) and you shall be saved (financial abundance will be able to flow, you’ll have good credit, you’ll have purchasing power, money will be in your bank account). I TOLD YOU this was JUICY!!!
The same question can be asked about health issues. What must I do to be saved? Believe ( have faith for perfect health, seek support in EVERY area possible – alternative treatments, etc, change your mindset about who has the power over your physical health, be proactive about what you’re eating, get a consistent exercise regimen) and you shall be saved (most times sickness and disease become better). That indicates to me that ANY question born from a need for change can be answered in time by asking the question and disciplining yourself to receive the change by your actions from the answer. That question even applies for your business. Yes! You’ve gotta work too! After all belief without application of processes that supports the belief is not able to produce in any situation. Yes… faith without works is dead.
Next level living says the answers are there for me IF I’m willing to ask the right question and consistently take action on MY PARTS of the answer. I’ve found it to truly be the way out of perplexing situations if I’m willing to commit to every piece of my part, I will “be saved” from poverty, unhealthy relationships, failing businesses, and poor health. Even dealing with the issues that perpetuate us living beneath our birthright and not walking in our purpose can be resolved by asking the same question.
I challenge you all as we approach the end of 2014. Ask yourself next level questions and give yourself next level answers. You can’t enter certain levels without creating support systems that support the next place you’ll stand and grow from (which is true salvation). So, go ahead. Get your pen and your journal. Start by asking yourself the very eye opening next level question, “What must I do to be saved?” Then commit to your part of the answer and go for it!

How Bad Do You Want It?

I was at my Kinesiologist’s office yesterday getting my regularly scheduled adjustment and we sparked up a conversation- as we always do-  about life and people.  We got to a point in the conversation when he was talking about new people’s perception of what it takes to get healthy and maintain good health.  I can TOTALLY relate!    People often come to me for advice and want things to change in their lives but aren’t sure about committing to the process of creating the changes.  To me the process of committing takes a person weighing one question very carefully.   The question is… How BAD do I want it?

Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

Between The Lulls And The CRAZY.

Morning Peeps!!! Happy Tuesday!!! It’s a SUPERFANTASTICALLY GLORIOUS Day in the Universe!!!!
I’ve been experiencing TONS of crazy crazy moments that pushed me to grow FAST in order to face challenges and meet deadlines (WOAH!!!).  Then after that followed the deafening lull… TALK ABOUT TOO QUIET!  It was so quiet after running at top speed for a few months I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I mean, it’s ALWAYS supposed to be full of stuff to do and life at 225MPH…right?  Well… no! Life ebbs and flows.  I’ve come to realize that it’s actually supposed to be BOTH!  WOAH!! (again). 
I want to encourage you to keep going.  I know. I know.  That simple idea of ‘keep going’ should be a no brainer for you who are set on reaching your dreams, but sometimes- in the between times (when it gets less exciting or more challenging) it’s good to remember what it is about and what it’s not about. 
If you’re in a lull and it seems like it’s not happening fast enough, remember what you started for and don’t give up in disillusionment.  It’s not about the momentary thrills, but the longevity of building and cultivating the life you want.    If it gets crazy and you feel like you’re losing it… remember you’re not.  Its just the process.   Its not about everything being roses and sunshine without difficulties.  It’s about learning and growing into each phase of your new life so you’ll understand how to exist in the life you want. 
Hold on peeps.  The between times give you what you need to live fully in the life You want to live.  #HoldOn
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

You Are Enough

Good Morning!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s a WONDROUS Day in the Universe!!!  I was thinking about all the excuses I used to stay outside of my calling before.   I focused on all the things I didn’t have, couldn’t get, didn’t understand really kept me from moving into my purpose because I believed that I needed to be more, I needed to be bigger, have more money, change my zipcode, or be a different version of myself somehow.   Isn’t it strange how we ache for change but we let fear keep us back from moving into it?
It wasn’t until Doreen Rainey sat next to me in a conference and changed me with her words of kindness and her VAST understanding of how to see inside ppl that I understood that I am enough.  That was the moment that I understood.  It was only fear that was holding me back.   Everything else that kept me from moving was all in my head.  I realized that even if I don’t have everything I think supposed to have, I am still obligated to use what I do have.  I am enough today to change ppls lives with what I have now.  That was the day I gave myself permission to live full out!
I wanted to encourage you today!  You are enough!  You are strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, tall enough, thin enough, bold enough, brave enough, wise enough, intelligent enough, equipped enough right now to be the BEST you that you can be.  Don’t let you keep you from living full and leaving empty.  No more excuses.   Go shine your light.  The world is waiting.  #WeNeedYou
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

YAAAYYYY!!! Great Things Happening!!!

There’s all kinds of great new things happening!!!  I’m UBER EXCITED to share them with you!!!
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Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

The Importance of Your Why

Hey Everybody!!!
Happy Monday!!! It’s an ULTRA SUPERFANTASTICAL day in the universe!!! I pushed and pushed a lot the last four weeks and now that I’m in a place of follow-up it felt a little less hurried… like my goal had been reached, but that’s very far from true. I had to shake myself just a little and say ‘No, it’s not time to let up. You haven’t reached the world, changed enough lives, or created enough avenues to sustain the future generations of your family. So slowing down is not appropriate. Let’s get moving!’ I had to realize that even though portion of a project was completed, I hadn’t reached my WHY.  So I just wanted to share with you all how important knowing and fully embracing the reason you do what you’re doing is to your overall momentum as you move into your next level off living. You can’t rest until you’ve satisfied your Why.
ALWAYS know your WHY! (Why you do what you do) Write it down. Post it in front of you so that you can see it everyday and remind yourself of your purpose. When your focus is off seeing your Why will realign your priorities and help you stay on track. Your WHY will be your fuel to keep you going when you’re tired or in a rough spot. Your WHY will keep you grounded so your pace is strong and sure so that you can continue moving toward your dreams. Your WHY is your life line that leads to your future. #KnowYourWHY.

Pressing Into The Promise

Hey Peeps!!! Happy Wednesday!!! It’s an UBER SUPERFANTASTICAL Day in the Universe!
There’s so much to tell you all! I’ve been a busy working in the creative flow making things happen according to the life God has for me. This video is about Pressing Into The Promise! It’s a few things I’ve learned over the last month. Enjoy!!!

The Law of Sewing and Reaping

I had the opportunity to speak with a friend yesterday about his life.  As we conversed, he began talking about all the places and things he should have done by now.  “I should have more money, less stress, a better car, and a nicer home.  I feel like I’m behind in my life.” He was very sincere and regretful – pouting about all the things and places he felt he should be in life by now that he was not.
As I listened to him, it occurred to me that he really hadn’t planned for the differences he felt he should have.  He hasn’t set up himself to receive anything else either.  By that I mean – He keeps making decisions that don’t lend to the outcomes he’s seeking.  See, instead of looking at his future, creating a plan, and beginning to plant seeds towards what he’s trying to have in his future, he just keeps living without a plan that gets him beyond his daily grind.  My very loving response was that I could help him get where he wants to be and that we could start ad soon as possible.  I didn’t give him a lecture, I focused on a way beyond the regret through decisive action.
Remember, your future will happen with or without your full and active participation in what it brings to you. I think it’s best to consider the seeds you’re planting in your life so that they will bring you the desired life harvest.   We plant seeds every day for what our future holds for us.  If the seeds you plant today are planned poorly and are not truly connected to the desired end, your future will bring you an unplanned harvest that is not what you desired.  I’ve said it before, you can’t plant an apple and harvest pears from it.  So it is that you can’t receive a life different than the one your that the sum of your past actions have created.   That’s the Law of Sewing and Reaping.   There are very few exceptions to any Universal Principle.
Your Life is the sum total of all that you say and do.  Every action is a seed EVERY SINGLE ACTION!!!!  If you want a different outcome in your life become an active participant in your future.  Start looking at your seeds and plant something you’ll be proud to call your life.  The future doesn’t ask your permission to occur.  It takes the seeds you sew into it and produces whatever harvest that results –  without prejudice.  My advice to you, get busy!  Examine the seeds you plant.  Be an active participant in your future and love the life harvest you receive.
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

Have Faith For Your Journey

This video always reminds me of how much faith it takes for me to live out my journey.  I watched it again this week and I still cried thinking about my first for days in California.  Staying the course through the craziness and the crazy people I encountered.
I can honestly say my life is better today because I’ve stayed the course no matter what.  I have faith for my journey.  I encourage you to have faith for your journey as well

Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!



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