Perseverance Pays Off – Annette's Story

This Saturdimageay I had the honor of attending my very. Good friend, Annette’s graduation. I was ÜBER proud of her, not only because she got her Master’s Degree in her mid-50’s, but because she stuck to her goals beyond what the circumstances of her past could have dictated – of she had listened to and believed her own negative self chatter.
I’m sure we’ve all had our ups and downs.  No one is an exception to the sunshine and rain of this life.  Annette, however, has come thimagerough many storms and lots of downpours.  She has survived addiction, lived through homelessness, trudged back from depression over the loss of her greatest love, faced rejection from her family, and crawled out of the dark craters of self loathing.  I think what makes her story so special to me is that I’ve watched part of her battles with the shadows in her mind and seen her shift to positive affirmations, prayer and a closer walk with The Lord.  I’ve held her hand and prayed with her for strength in the week areas just like I’ve held her hand and praised God with her.  She’s such a strong woman, brilliant in her gifts.
I think the best part of the process of her getting her Degree is the evolution of her selimagef worth that came from personal development while she also studied her craft.  Yes, that’s right.  Annette worked on herself and death with the heart issues while she advanced and worked on her skills.
These days, she shows up in the world on her own terms. She lives the life she loves as a singer and business woman she lights up the world like only she can. Yes, it pays to press past the crazy points in life.  It pays to imagewalk through life’s monsoons and hold on to yourself through hurricanes.  Persevering to put our lives back together after our choices don’t work like we thought they would.  It pays to live on beyond those moments when adversity and tragedy sweeps our souls and leaves us crying “Why Me?!!!! What Do I Do Now?!!!”.  It is worth it.  Annette reminds me that living is worth it.  She proves to me that life and destiny are defined by how you intentionally show up on life’s stage.  We must set our intention and live in acceptance of every situation.
Persevere peeps, life is worth the living. It does have its rewards.  Congratulations Annette.  I love you so much Sis!  Walk in your power and live full out.
I’ve attached a link to one of Annette’s websites.  Her blues band plays all around San Diego, in other parts of the US, and Mexico.  She has some GREAT video of her lighting up the stage and where to see her upcoming performances.  Enjoy!

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