What Does that Look Like?

I’ve heard for many years that you really don’t get to experience your dreams unless you can visualize them fully. Well, I’m an artist by nature so of have a very vivid imagination and my mind constantly draws pictures of things described during conversations. You would think that visualization would be easy for me. Truth is, it’s NOT! Why? I believe it’s because visualization is more easily achieved with things I’ve already experienced because I am able to pull from a memory or an experience I’ve already had.
Recently, I’ve unlocked a way to start my inner thoughts to describe what I’d like based on my imagining and asking myself “What does that look like?”. I really began to take that to heart the last few weeks during my prayer and meditation time. When i started getting the reference pictures, i was able to fully see what was there in my mind all the time! I know it may sound a little weird, but try it.
Here’s a really good example.
I want a million dollars in the bank – well, doesn’t everybody?! A million dollars is so FAR beyond my reality that I can’t really wrap my mind around the picture of one million dollar bills in a vault that’s just for me. But I’m able to describe what the benefits of the million dollars looks like in my life… Out here in real time. When I ask myself ‘What does a million dollars look like in my life?’ The descriptions I receive make the understanding become more tangible and more attainable – and I can SEE IT in my mind!
As you describe it down to the finest detail. You can see all the things associated with it!
My mind shows me
– How I can support my parents – what it will feel like to be able to give back to them like I really want to;
– What ways I can create businesses – What I can do to be creative and have the longevity I want for my work life.
– I get to employ people – I even see the kinds of employees I’ll hire for which business,
– How many places I’ll go in a year – where, I can visit and explore, what I could do on those trips
(Get the picture). 🙂
So I wanted to share with you what I discovered in soul searching. I’ve begun looking expansively at my life. THE BEST question I’ve ever asked myself so far is this one. I encourage you, even if you are able to visualize, to ask the questions that take your visualizations to a different depth. Go from ‘What does that look like?’ – to ‘What ELSE would it look like?’ Probe your subconscious to give you more detail and allow your vision to unfold before you vividly.
Visualizing helps you see your future. With out the ability to see people die. That’s how important visualizing is to you. Without vision for your life, you’ll die. So when you can’t see your dreams for all the things going on around you, when you need a new perspective, when it’s time to challenge your existence and take it to the next level that you have no reference for, stop… take a deep breath… and ask yourself “What does that look like?”.



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