Pressing Into The Promise

Hey Peeps!!! Happy Wednesday!!! It’s an UBER SUPERFANTASTICAL Day in the Universe!
There’s so much to tell you all! I’ve been a busy working in the creative flow making things happen according to the life God has for me. This video is about Pressing Into The Promise! It’s a few things I’ve learned over the last month. Enjoy!!!

Legacy And You

Today I want to ask you about your legacy. What will you build now to support the generations to come? How will they remember you? What are you supposed to leave to add to them? A business that they can work in or sell? A book of your life lessons to help them avoid the pitfalls you encountered? A Life Insurance policy that makes their financial woes lessen after you are gone? Investments? An understanding of HOW to acquire and maintain wealth? Great health habits? What are you building?
Life is not just about how well you do, its about who you bless with your abilities along the way and what inheritance you leave behind for those who will need to benefit from your knowledge when your are gone.
Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, and SC Johnson left a legacy of enginuity and creative inventions. Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela left a legacy of love for humanity. Shakespeare, DaVinci, and Michelangelo left artistic masterpieces. Michael, Whitney, Tupac, and Luther left beautiful melodies, lyric and song. Every one their own way. What will you leave?
Never forget, your life is your legacy.

Lose Your Ego Find Your Purpose

I was riding in the car the other day when I heard an ad on the radio that made me pause. The ad was trying to get people to apply for a position at a charitable organization. It wasn’t really a riveting ad. Then, like an unexpected punch in the gut, I heard the phrase, “Lose your ego and find your purpose.”. It not only made me pause, but it started my wheels to turning. I began to wonder just how many ways do opportunities come to shape us for the future that we missed because of our inability to lose our ego.

Living The Best Version Of Yourself Today!

So, I was thinking the other day about how many of us just want to be so much, have so much, and become so much. That goal always seems so far off from where we are today. Sometimes I tell myself that I can see the finish line, but often I forget that in order to get there I must continuously improve from where I am today. Living the best version of yourself doesn’t start at the finish line. Instead, it begins right here, right now.

Remember diamonds take years and tons of pressure to become the brilliant, rare, beautifully faceted gems that they are when we harvest them. Like wise precious metals take a refiner’s fire to become pure and untainted. Even the pearl has to go through years of process to become the precious commodity it is. Just as they become precious commodities in their time so do we. The process is just as important as the goal. Never forget that. But live your best version of yourself daily and you will eventually get there.
Peace, blessings and grace to you on your journey.



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