Centered, Strong and Secure

This week, I’m focusing on creating a full-life hedge to keep you centered, strong in body and mind, and secure financially to help weather all the storms of life. I break down a few key areas so that you can really create the peaceful life you desire.

  1. Gather Yourself
  2. Protect your gates by becoming intentional and mindful about:
  3. Honing Physical Hedges
  4. Shoring Up Emotional Hedges
  5. The Building Blocks of a Financial Hedge
  6. Important Pieces of The Financial Hedge

Links to the resources I share are in the description below the video on YouTube!


French Kissing Your Destiny

Morning Peeps!  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I know, I know.  I’m BA-AAACK!!!  
For all of you who need a little encouragement this morning I want to share my latest “Aha”.  I got a text yesterday from a fellow interior designer asking if I was looking for a job in interiors.  She had an inquiry she was going to pass along.  She and I have worked together in the past on projects, but it’s been a while.  It was so cool that I didn’t even think twice about how being a full time employee doesn’t fit in my purpose anymore.  Honestly, it never has.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1996.  BUT when things got hard I would get scared, get a job, and be MISERABLE.  With the transition to California there was just too much change and I was so unsettled I had a job and was HORRIBLY MISERABLE for the first few years I was here.  So, I’ll admit, I’ve been unclear and wavering for a long time.  I would fret about money and vasselate about my desires.  Not anymore. 
That all changed when God spoke abundance in my ear 18 months ago.  I didn’t even know what it was, or that it was me, so I studied it.  As I studied it, I became so clear about what I was to do with it that I immediately began teaching it on my YouTube Channel.  As always, He knows what we need.   Now, I spend my days Coaching, Teaching and Speaking Abundance and it has changed EVERYTHING for me.  There is NO other path for me.  I am kissing my God given dreams in the mouth WITH LOTS OF TONGUE!!!  My text back to my friend was “thanks for thinking of me, but my future is so clear I can TASTE it! I can’t deviate from the path.”   Without even a second thought, no struggle, no wavering inside, just peace.
I encourage you all to GET CLEAR.  Study and KNOW your path and choosing it with a complete YES will come as easy as breathing.  Be confident in what you are here to become and don’t waste any time-  BECOME IT!! 
Dreams are big, and can seem scary or intimidating.   Here’s a real good truth for you to hang on to… most of our fear is a LIE!!!   If you’re not in immediate mortal danger, then fear is a LIE.  No matter how paralyzing you allow fear to become in your head, its still a lie.  You never have to allow yourself to be guided by unfounded mis-perceptions that will never serve your future.   It’s YOUR TIME, Right here, Right NOW.  Let’s GO Peeps!    Kiss Your dreams in the mouth with FULL TONGUE!!  You can do ANYTHING!!!
#CEOMindset #KissingMyDreamsInTheMouth  #ClarityIsFreedom
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

Do You Know How To Love?

So many people are seeking love.  Love relationship from significant others, family, friends, co-workers, business partners.  So what do you know about love?  It’s a complex dynamic that flows in every life on the planet.  So how do we love? 
Here’s the breakdown:
1. Set Your Intention
2. Learn To Love YOURSELF
3. Learn to accept yourself RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!
4. Share your love
Learn these things, in this order, and your love level will shift HIGHER!
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The Abundance Summit Is Coming!!!

OMGoodness!!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!! The Abundance Summit is almost here!!!  Are you ready to shift your abundance and have a higher level of the abundant flow in every area of your life?  Did you reserve your seat?  Don’t wait!!!  It’s gonna be AH-MAY-ZING!!!  I can’t wait to see you there!!!

The Abundance Summit

March 13-14, 2015

San Diego, CA

For two days, we will be receiving the breakdown of the Universal Laws of Abundance and how to apply them to our lives! The Abundance Summit will give you the keys to abundance everyday!
The Abundance Summit is for those who seek GREATER, BETTER AND UNDERSTANDING!
Attendees will gain greater clarity and understanding of the Abundance Principles and how to actively receive abundance in their lives RIGHT NOW!!
When leaving the Abundance Summit, attendees will have time tested strategies and systems that give them usable tools that allow them to see changes in their lives.
Attendees will have access to an exclusive online community with like-minded individuals. A community structured to support your understanding and growth on your journey.


Natural Born Coaches Podcast

IN TWO DAYS!!! | I will be a guest on the podcast Natural Born Coaches with Host, Marc Mawhinney!!! We Air January 31 at 5:30AM EST!!!
There are two ways that you can listen at:
iTunes at:

Natural Born Coaches Host, Marc Mawhinney and guest Dawn R. Oree (CoachDawnnae)

Brilliant Beauties Podcast

YAAAAAAYYYYYY ITS LIVE!!!  | My interview with Samantha A. Gregory Host of  Brilliant Beauties Podcast is live Right NOW!!! 
There are 3 ways to listen:
Stitcher:  YAAAAAAYYYYYY ITS LIVE!!! | My interview with @[691281635:Samantha A.] Gregory Host of Brilliant Beauties Podcast is live Right NOW!!! There are 3 ways to listen:
Tune In Radio:
Tune In Radio:
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

It’s Getting Closer!!!

COUNT DOWN!!!! 7 Days Of Abundance is January 13 – 20, 2015!!! The speakers are SOOOOO GOOOOOOODD!!! The Nuggets! The Jewels! The Wisdom!! #7DaysOfAbundance #IAmAbundance

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