Support Systems That Work!

I was thinking about all the wonderful people i have in my world that make up my support system – my mother, aunt, uncle, godparents, my dad, friends, colleagues and my coaches. the people in our lives that make up our support systems are very important because the push us higher by giving us accolades, and by calling us on the carpet with our crap.
We all need that even though it doesn’t feel good sometimes. Your support system is supposed to help you grow in every way. We need to be sure that we surround ourselves with people who will not only tell us what us WANT to hear but also what we NEED to hear.

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2 Replies to “Support Systems That Work!”

  1. Dawn, I appreciate your perspective on our support systems. You highlight that, while each of us is ultimately responsible for ourselves and our lives, everyone that we encounter, including the people in our circle of supporters, is on a journey that is valuable to all of us. We can choose whether we want to benefit from that experience or negate and shut it out. Great work!

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