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NOVEMBER 2014 SCHEDULING BEGINS September 15th! Only 8 Spots Available! Book EARLY!!

Individual Year-End Individual Life Mapping Assessments – Schedule YOUR Year End Life Map Assessment with Dawn! Together, you’ll assess your progress of the 12 months and support you in creating measurable goals for YOUR LIFE MAP over the next 12 months so that you can walk in your purpose with clarity and focus


In Person Living A Powerful Life Course! – LIVE! Coach Dawnnae’s Signature Course Taught LIVE. Join the ever-expanding community of people Dawn has taught her time-tested Living A Powerful Life Course! You will leave with A Life Map, Clear Precise Goals, A FULLY PLOTTED To Do List for the next 12 months and all the support you need to live out your journey beyond fear, without apology or regret. Your Life WILL NEVER be the same again.

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Living A Powerful Life LIVE  –  $3,499 for individual sessions (15 – 18 hrs )  

The Living A Powerful Life Course is a clarifying journey to help clients become aware of their purpose.  As a result of attending the course, client have clarity, focus, and action steps on their life’s mission.  They become connect and are able to tap into His infinite intelligence for their specific life.  When they leave, they are laser focused on what they must do and have everything they need to complete their journey.  This 6 day intensive includes:  Life Mapping, Goal Setting & To Do’s, Visioning, Personal Mission Statements, Confessions and Mediation Points. What Students Are Saying About The Powerful Life Course?

“Good Morning Dawn,

I just had to send a quick email thanking you for heeding the word of our Lord and Savior.  For it was through your listening that I was able to have the MOST POWERFUL conversation I have experienced to date.  He spoke to me very clearly this morning and I had to share it with you before I head out.  I am so grateful that I have finally come to FEEL Him.

Thank You – W”

“Hi Dawn,

Just wanted to say thank you for a great class and for all your wisdom. :).  I am in a great place now, I’ve had my “Come to Jesus moment” :).  I’m not angry at God or myself anymore, I surrender lol.  Just wanted you to know I’m doing good 🙂

Hope you’re well!  – J”

Heart, Head, Mouth Agreement $1599 (6-9 hrs)  

Heart, Head, Mouth Agreement The LIVE Course is diving deep into the beliefs of your heart, the thoughts in your head, and the words you speak. Students learn the basic building blocks for creating and maintaining the agreement throughout all three areas so that they can produce a more powerful and purposeful future.  As a result of being a part of this course, students are able to fully direct their intention through the power of agreement and are better equipped to move forward in their possibility.

Mental Landscaping $2599 (12-15 hrs)

 Mental Landscaping is Effective Techniques for Stopping Negative Self Chatter is a catalyst for shifting paradigms.  This course challenges students to do two things – recognize their negative self chatter and silence it.  By participating in this course, students experience growth by building new mind paths that help to reinforce and elevate their self-confidence levels.  They also experience more awareness of their ‘self chatter triggers’ and how to combat them with positive truths.

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Life In 4G!

Life In 4G is a 2-day 4 module course on the principles of next level living.  Students become stronger in the principles of each “G” of living – Living in God, A Life of Gratitude, Life of Giving and Living In Their Greatness Unapologetically.  This course started from a 90-Day Video Series and a FB group named Life In 4G! that Dawn started in June.  She submits video blogs from her YouTube on life lessons for development and growth of the group.

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