Learning About Love

Did you know I used to BOYCOTT Valentines Day? YEP! I really did! It wasn’t because I hated love, actually it was for the OPPOSITE reason. I yearned for love, but didn’t have it – at least not in the form I associated Valentines Day with. I’d been so hurt by circumstances (some I chose, some I inherited), that I completely checked out of love for a while. I just didn’t participate.
Thats such a vast contrast to how I perceive love today because… (Wait for it) … I got healed and grew up a bit inside. So, I decided to share with you a little of what I learned on my journey of understanding. I wanted you to know why I am SO UBER excited about LOVE today, and give you a few tips that might help you if you need a new perception of LOVE. In Honor of the day when we all celebrate love (Valentines Day), I send you Smoochie ooey-gooey love from my heart to yours! 🙂
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Your Zen Place

Today I spent an hour at the ocean, it was the best! Then I thought, how important it is to have places where we are able to just be in connection with the things that give us peace in this world.
I talked a while ago about the importance of your place of zen.



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