French Kissing Your Destiny

Morning Peeps!  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I know, I know.  I’m BA-AAACK!!!  
For all of you who need a little encouragement this morning I want to share my latest “Aha”.  I got a text yesterday from a fellow interior designer asking if I was looking for a job in interiors.  She had an inquiry she was going to pass along.  She and I have worked together in the past on projects, but it’s been a while.  It was so cool that I didn’t even think twice about how being a full time employee doesn’t fit in my purpose anymore.  Honestly, it never has.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1996.  BUT when things got hard I would get scared, get a job, and be MISERABLE.  With the transition to California there was just too much change and I was so unsettled I had a job and was HORRIBLY MISERABLE for the first few years I was here.  So, I’ll admit, I’ve been unclear and wavering for a long time.  I would fret about money and vasselate about my desires.  Not anymore. 
That all changed when God spoke abundance in my ear 18 months ago.  I didn’t even know what it was, or that it was me, so I studied it.  As I studied it, I became so clear about what I was to do with it that I immediately began teaching it on my YouTube Channel.  As always, He knows what we need.   Now, I spend my days Coaching, Teaching and Speaking Abundance and it has changed EVERYTHING for me.  There is NO other path for me.  I am kissing my God given dreams in the mouth WITH LOTS OF TONGUE!!!  My text back to my friend was “thanks for thinking of me, but my future is so clear I can TASTE it! I can’t deviate from the path.”   Without even a second thought, no struggle, no wavering inside, just peace.
I encourage you all to GET CLEAR.  Study and KNOW your path and choosing it with a complete YES will come as easy as breathing.  Be confident in what you are here to become and don’t waste any time-  BECOME IT!! 
Dreams are big, and can seem scary or intimidating.   Here’s a real good truth for you to hang on to… most of our fear is a LIE!!!   If you’re not in immediate mortal danger, then fear is a LIE.  No matter how paralyzing you allow fear to become in your head, its still a lie.  You never have to allow yourself to be guided by unfounded mis-perceptions that will never serve your future.   It’s YOUR TIME, Right here, Right NOW.  Let’s GO Peeps!    Kiss Your dreams in the mouth with FULL TONGUE!!  You can do ANYTHING!!!
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Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!

The Law of Sewing and Reaping

I had the opportunity to speak with a friend yesterday about his life.  As we conversed, he began talking about all the places and things he should have done by now.  “I should have more money, less stress, a better car, and a nicer home.  I feel like I’m behind in my life.” He was very sincere and regretful – pouting about all the things and places he felt he should be in life by now that he was not.
As I listened to him, it occurred to me that he really hadn’t planned for the differences he felt he should have.  He hasn’t set up himself to receive anything else either.  By that I mean – He keeps making decisions that don’t lend to the outcomes he’s seeking.  See, instead of looking at his future, creating a plan, and beginning to plant seeds towards what he’s trying to have in his future, he just keeps living without a plan that gets him beyond his daily grind.  My very loving response was that I could help him get where he wants to be and that we could start ad soon as possible.  I didn’t give him a lecture, I focused on a way beyond the regret through decisive action.
Remember, your future will happen with or without your full and active participation in what it brings to you. I think it’s best to consider the seeds you’re planting in your life so that they will bring you the desired life harvest.   We plant seeds every day for what our future holds for us.  If the seeds you plant today are planned poorly and are not truly connected to the desired end, your future will bring you an unplanned harvest that is not what you desired.  I’ve said it before, you can’t plant an apple and harvest pears from it.  So it is that you can’t receive a life different than the one your that the sum of your past actions have created.   That’s the Law of Sewing and Reaping.   There are very few exceptions to any Universal Principle.
Your Life is the sum total of all that you say and do.  Every action is a seed EVERY SINGLE ACTION!!!!  If you want a different outcome in your life become an active participant in your future.  Start looking at your seeds and plant something you’ll be proud to call your life.  The future doesn’t ask your permission to occur.  It takes the seeds you sew into it and produces whatever harvest that results –  without prejudice.  My advice to you, get busy!  Examine the seeds you plant.  Be an active participant in your future and love the life harvest you receive.
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!


Many of you have asked when I’d be teaching another Living A Powerful Life class. Here’s the info for this semester. Sign up now! Seating is limited.
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