You Are Enough

Good Morning!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s a WONDROUS Day in the Universe!!!  I was thinking about all the excuses I used to stay outside of my calling before.   I focused on all the things I didn’t have, couldn’t get, didn’t understand really kept me from moving into my purpose because I believed that I needed to be more, I needed to be bigger, have more money, change my zipcode, or be a different version of myself somehow.   Isn’t it strange how we ache for change but we let fear keep us back from moving into it?
It wasn’t until Doreen Rainey sat next to me in a conference and changed me with her words of kindness and her VAST understanding of how to see inside ppl that I understood that I am enough.  That was the moment that I understood.  It was only fear that was holding me back.   Everything else that kept me from moving was all in my head.  I realized that even if I don’t have everything I think supposed to have, I am still obligated to use what I do have.  I am enough today to change ppls lives with what I have now.  That was the day I gave myself permission to live full out!
I wanted to encourage you today!  You are enough!  You are strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, tall enough, thin enough, bold enough, brave enough, wise enough, intelligent enough, equipped enough right now to be the BEST you that you can be.  Don’t let you keep you from living full and leaving empty.  No more excuses.   Go shine your light.  The world is waiting.  #WeNeedYou
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!



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