The Power Of Choice

Good Morning Peeps!!  Happy Thursday!!!  Its an UTTERLY STUPENDOUS Day in the Universe!!!  So many wonderful things are beginning to happen in my life.  I am literally seeing change in my life like I’ve never seen before.  Lol!  It’s all I knew it could be -but never had before.   I think the way I have gotten here is the most incredible part.  The stuff I had to lose and the incredible paradigm shift that was required for me to have these recent successes.  SO… I HAD to share with you about how I had to lose so much of my thoughts about life and the rules that kept me in the box in order to get here, that now I’m actually allowing this process to shape me in ways I never knew existed… all for my new life.  Here’s the craziest part… it was my choice!  Yes! It was all up to me to decide if I wanted to hold on or let go.    I could have stayed the same If I chose to be scared and play small.  I could have chosen to be around the familiar and comfortable stuff that made up the life I knew.  It was totally up to me.
I am a witness that on the other side of YOU is a life beyond compare!   I’m also a witness that in order to get to that life you have to let some stuff, some people and parts of yourself GO!  Why?  Bc they don’t belong where you’re going.  That’s right!  I said it!  Parts of you (your current mindset, current belief structure, your current understanding, your desires, your soul ties) DO NOT belong in your future.   If you try to take them, they won’t fit and eventually you will end up sabotaging your future. 
You cannot put new wine in old bottles.  Likewise you cannot fit your new self in your old mind condition.  The new goes with the new just like the old goes with the old.  The beauty of it is YOU choose.  You can actually stay where you are and never grow to your fullest potential.  Yes you can!  But … if you choose that, do the world a favor… do not complain about your choice or the results you see (or don’t see) because of it. It really is up to you. You can have the life you know or you can have the life you dream of.  I challenge you to choose and commit to the life you want.  #ThePowerOfChoice
Love, Light and Blessings from my heart to yours!



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